With a Database of over 1 Million Drivers

Driver Assist uses it’s most advanced drivers detection technology for the vast majority of hardware devices installed on your PC such as motherboards, video cards, sound cards, network cards, modems, monitors, mouse, keyboards, digital cameras, video capture cards etc. The updated drivers will be found by our database containing over 1 Millions drivers.

Automated drivers update technology

We use our advanced automatic drivers scan technology to find and update your drivers regularly. Did you know that many device drivers are updated several times a year by manufacturers. By running Driver Assist on a regular bases you can stay assure that your computer and hardware devices will always run at their best.

Constant updated driver database

Driver updates can be obtained from the manufacturer at no cost but locating your devices can be difficult. Operating system changes can also increase the challenge of finding the proper compatible drivers for your needs. Driver Assist is an automated all-in-one solution.. You no longer need to find drivers one by one, let’s Driver Assist do the hard work for you.

User Friendly Interface

Our Software developers have built Driver Assist interfaces to be simple and easy to use. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it. By following some simple steps you can update your system and device drivers to get the best most stability and performance for your PC devices.

Time saver by schedule tasking

To make sure that you are always getting the most of your hardwares we give you the possibility to use our great automated drivers scan feature to identify your outdated and corrupted drivers for maximum drivers efficiancy. You can have peace of mind, no longer need to think about when you will launch the application anymore for a scan.

Free Software Activation Support

The Driver Assist installation or activation’s users experience should be always good.If you are facing any problems, whether it is an installation or an activation issues,please visit our contact & support page.


Drivers Detection

Driver Assist will scan your devices & hardware to find related outdated or corrupted drivers.


Outdated Drivers Result

A list of your PC outdated or corrupted drivers will be listed within our-friendly interface.


Database Research & Update

Our advanced drivers research technology will scan through our vast driver database to find the proper up-to-date drivers to install on your PC.


Did YOU Know?


Driver Assist gives you the ability to easily create a backup of your device drivers. You can select to backup all drivers, a selection of drivers or just an individual driver.
Having an emergency backup containing all of your device drivers can save you hours if ever have to reinstall your operating system. We recommend creating regular driver backups.

Simple, Easy and Fast. Free Driver Diagnosis.

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