How To Find Drivers For Windows XP?


Windows XP was the most popular operating system in the world, prior to the advent of Windows 7. The interim operating systems like Windows Vista couldn’t match up to the popularity and efficiency of Windows XP. After more than a decade of absolute dominance, Windows XP is a thing of the past now. Microsoft doesn’t have any plans to launch any more Windows XP versions. Actually, Microsoft has also stopped offering support to XP and all associated drivers or resources which people need to operate on XP. Naturally, you cannot find any support, resources or drivers for Windows XP from Microsoft.

While the world has moved onto the Windows 7, Windows 8 and the likes, there are many who still use Windows XP. For such users, you will need Windows XP drivers. There are two ways to find drivers for Windows XP. You can either look for solutions online or you can get hold of a CD or DVD that has the drivers. Those who had purchased Windows XP in its last leg of releases would have the most advanced drivers for Windows XP and if you can get hold of those CDs or DVDs then you can find drivers for Windows XP. This is a difficult approach and thus online solutions work best. You can look for drivers for Windows XP on reputed sites and forums and you may get hold of the drivers that you need.

You must bear in mind that Microsoft has stopped releasing new drivers for Windows XP. Hence, what you will get are old drivers which would not be eligible for any further updates.

Now, once you have a source of drivers for Windows XP, you need to know how to look for the right drivers. You cannot install any random driver just because it is meant for Windows XP. You may already have a more advanced version of the driver than what you are about to download from a site. You need to know the version of the drivers for Windows XP to know if you need an update and to also know if you are downloading the relevant advanced driver from the source you have chosen.

To find the driver version, you must open the device manager, select the device for which you need a driver update or need to install a new driver, click on the plus sign, click on properties and select the ‘driver’ tab. In here, you should click on ‘driver version’.

Accordingly, you must find and choose the right drivers for Windows XP.