How To Fix A Problem Of CD Drive Or DVD Drive Is Missing Or Not Recognised


A laptop that already has an optical drive installed or a computer that comes with a CD, DVD drive and writer would not have a problem of the drive being not recognized. Not unless you have the optical driver missing from your system. In older operating systems, you had to install the drivers before you could use all the drives. If this is the case then you need to install the drivers. You can download the optical drivers from the official site of the operating system or from the official website of the maker of your computer or laptop. Install these drivers and your CD or DVD drive should be recognized.

If you are assembling a computer or installing a new CD or DVD drive then the chances of CD drive or DVD drive missing or not recognized is much higher. This is primarily because you are installing a new device and that has to have the relevant driver in place within the system. In here again, you have to follow the same approach. You need to download the relevant drivers from the website of the operating system. Alternatively, you can download the driver from the website of the maker of the CD or DVD drive. You should ensure that you download the driver that is meant for the CD or DVD writer model and is compatible with the operating system that you have.

There may be some cases where the CD or DVD drive would be missing because of a hardware problem. It may so happen that the drive has malfunctioned which is not allowing the driver and thus the system to recognize the CD cum DVD drive. In such a scenario, you need to seek the help of a technician. If it is a new optical drive then you can get it replaced and if it is an old one then you can get someone to fix it. There can be problems within the cabinet as well, such as a power problem. The optical drive may not get the power that is needed which is again going to demand the intervention of a technician.

Usually, most problems pertaining to CD or DVD drive missing or not recognized can be solved with a driver update or by installing the appropriate driver for the optical drive model which is also compatible with the operating system.