How To Fix Printer Driver Error?


A printer is an external hardware that is connected to a computer or laptop using an USB cable. The printer driver is the connection between the printer and your computer, although the cable acts as the physical connection. The driver recognises the printer, allows it to be connected to the system and passes on every message indicating the function to the printer. If your printer is not recognised, if it is not installed properly, if it does not respond and if it does not print or take any commands from your system then there is possibly a problem with the printer driver.

A printer driver error is very common. You may face this problem right after installing or connecting the printer to your computer or laptop. You may use the printer for a while before facing such a problem. A printer driver error can happen at any time, almost without warning in every case.

How to fix printer driver error has a very simple solution. All you need to do is ensure that you have the right driver for the hardware, which is compatible and relevant, and more importantly the driver must be updated and not an outdated one.

What you should do is simply update the driver or opt for a relevant driver if you have a wrong one. The steps are fairly simple to follow. You must go to the official site of the printer and look for printer drivers. In this section, you will find numerous printer drivers, all meant for specific models of printers and for specific operating systems. You need to download a printer driver that is meant for the printer model you have and for the operating system that you use. You should download this printer driver, install it and then restart your system to allow the driver to be fully installed and ready to use.

All common printer driver errors can be fixed with the aforementioned solution. At times, you may not need to download a new printer driver, fixing problems of an existing driver from within the device manager in your computer can also set things right.

You must ensure that you don’t use any printer driver that is incompatible with either the printer or the operating system. This is the only checkpoint.

If you still have problems of printer driver error after downloading the proper driver and installing it perfectly then you should call in your printer company to check the hardware.