How To Fix Problems With CD Or DVD Drives?


Problems with CD or DVD drives are quite common, especially when you are opting for a new CD or DVD drive or you are assembling a personal computer. When you buy a computer that is preloaded with an optical drive, you may not have problems because the drive is already tested to be working fine. Even then if you have some problems you can always seek help from the company or retailer where from you had purchased the pc. If you are assembling then you cannot ask for such help because you didn’t buy the CD or DVD drive preloaded in a computer.

Before delving into how to fix problems with CD or DVD drives, it is necessary to highlight the kinds of problems you are likely to face.

  • Your CD or DVD drive may not be recognized by your computer. Consequently, your system would not have any optical drive even when you have one physically installed. The CD or DVD drive may not read any disc or any content on a disc when you place one inside. Your CD or DVD drive may not be able to burn any content onto a CD or DVD even when you have a CD or DVD writer and the burning software to facilitate the process. There can be several other errors pertaining to device drivers that are needed for recognizing and functioning of the optical drive or an unreadable CD or DVD among others.

There are simple solutions to fix problems with CD or DVD drives. First, you need to ensure that the drive is working properly. You can easily do this by testing it in another computer. If you are sure that the optical drive is in workable state, then you need to first check your drivers. A computer needs appropriate drivers to recognize and support an optical drive. You can download such drives from the official site of the computer brand that you are using or from the website of the operating system. At times, CD’s or DVDs that are faulty would not be read and in such cases, you should test the optical drive with another CD that had worked in the past.

If the aforementioned approaches fail then you can download state of the art software that can automatically detect and fix CD or DVD drive problems. Such software is available online for free and some are payable too.