How To Troubleshoot Bluetooth Connection Problems


Bluetooth connection problems may happen for myriad reasons. Before you can fix or troubleshoot Bluetooth connection problems, you need to know why the problem is occurring in the first place. At times, Bluetooth devices are not turned on or not discoverable which are very simple problems that can be fixed in no time.

Here are a few answers to how to troubleshoot Bluetooth connection problems.

  • First, you must check if both the Bluetooth devices are turned on, the one on your computer or laptop and the mobile or external Bluetooth device that you are trying to connect.
  • If both the devices are turned on then you need to check if both are discoverable. You can check if you system can be searched for and connected to by external Bluetooth devices by going to the control panel and checking the settings on Bluetooth devices. You can also click on the Bluetooth icon at the taskbar on the bottom of your screen. On the external device, you can check the Bluetooth settings and ensure that it can be found and connected to by another Bluetooth device.
  • If both the devices are discoverable then you need to check if they need passkeys. You should also ensure that the passkeys are entered correctly.
  • Despite the three aforementioned checkpoints, if you still have a problem with Bluetooth connectivity then you need to consider a few more factors. If a Bluetooth device is connected to multiple Bluetooth devices then it may not be able to connect to one more Bluetooth device. For instance, a mobile may be connected to two mobiles and a laptop then there will be connectivity issues. You also need to ensure that the right Bluetooth device is being connected. For instance, if there are two printers or two mobile devices then you need to connect to the mobile or printer that you wish to connect the system with.
  • In some cases, a Bluetooth device requires to be at a certain distance or within a certain distance. You need to adhere to this range when trying to connect two Bluetooth devices for optimum connectivity.
  • Finally, if you still have Bluetooth connectivity problems after checking all the above settings and doing everything that is advised here, you must check if the Bluetooth drivers are updated in your computer or laptop. A driver problem will cause connectivity issues.