Understanding Device Manager Error Symbols


Device manager is where you can get access to all your drivers, hardware components and corresponding system settings for the same. When you access the device manager in your computer, you would come across several device manager error symbols that indicate a problem. There are four major device manager error symbols which indicate one problem or the other. If there are not problems with any of your drivers or hardware components then the device manager will show no errors or symbols. Here is a brief guide to get acquainted with the device manager error symbols that you may come across and what they imply.

  • One of the most common device manager error symbols that you would come across will be an exclamation mark in black within a circle coloured yellow. This symbol indicates that the specific device against which the symbol is displayed has a problem. This device or driver that has the symbol may be still functioning. Having a problem doesn’t imply that the device or driver has already malfunctioned. Along with the symbol you will get an error code. It is this code that explains what problem your device or driver has. The symbol itself doesn’t offer any specific cause of the problem. You need to note down the code and find out what the code implies. You can easily search on the net or on the website of the operating system to know what the code exactly means and what specific problem the device or driver may be facing.
  • Another common symbol you will see is a cross, an ‘x’. This cross will be red in colour. This symbol indicates that a specific device is disabled. This device exists in the system and might be installed but that it is not in use, not working and doesn’t have a driver to operate it. This device will draw power and will consume resources of your system but wouldn’t be in use.
  • You would also come across an ‘i’ symbol. The ‘i’ would be in blue and it will be inside a circle coloured white or transparent. This symbol is not among the device manager error symbols. It simply shows that the device has been configured manually and that automatic settings have been turned off for this device or driver.
  • You will also come across a green coloured ‘?’ symbol that indicates a device being installed using a compatible driver but not the exact or specific driver that is needed for the device.