What Are Beta Drivers?


Every operating system requires a plethora of drivers to function. Naturally, a computer or laptop that runs on an operating system is reliant on the drivers to operate properly or as expected. Drivers are software or programs that are used to recognize, connect and support the functioning of hardware components used in a computer or laptop. Beta drivers are the same but in the testing phase of the software or programs.

All types of hardware and software are tested rigorously before they are launched for sale or for widespread use. When any hardware or software is launched for testing purposes, they are referred to as beta hardware or beta software. The same applies to software or programs that are meant to be used as drivers. Beta drivers are not launched for sale or for widespread use. They are launched for voluntary use by those who wish to participate in the testing of upcoming drivers.

Companies that manufacture drivers conduct their own testing in their labs and they also allow their own staffs and experts to test the software but there is a need for a larger scale of testing. One cannot be certain of the quality of software or programs unless they are subjected to hostile and varied situations. Controlled environments that exist in labs and meticulous use that experts and employees may subject the beta drivers to would only test them to an extent. It is widespread use by unsuspecting computer users that would put the beta drivers to a real test. Thus, beta drivers are a way to ensure that the drivers being developed are robust, fully functioning and capable of delivering what they are expected to.

Beta drivers can often be perfect and can subsequently be launched officially for sale or for widespread use. However, if there are problems then beta drivers reenter a phase of development, diagnosis and rectification to do away with the problems or errors that have been reported.

Anyone can participate in using beta drivers. Companies invite people to do so and often reward the participants by offering premium drivers for free. Some companies however have restrictions as to who can use the beta drivers which is done purely on technical or strategic grounds.

If you are technically savvy and have a penchant for new software then you can test beta drivers and report your experience to the companies for them to better the product.