What Is A Driver?


Every computer requires a plethora of drivers to operate. In its simplest definition, a driver is the software that recognizes and connects the hardware or any specific device to the computer. A computer is the sum of various hardware and software. Some hardware is preinstalled, so are some software. Some hardware and software are installed later. The hardware may be embedded inside the computer or it may be virtually connected to the computer using one of the many modes of connectivity. The software that recognizes a piece of hardware, acknowledges its presence, reads its type and specifications and connects it to the computer for the user to utilize the hardware is known as a driver.

There are many types of drivers. Some drivers come loaded in a computer or laptop. Some drivers can be downloaded from the official site of the operating system you are using. There are some state of the art computers that come preloaded with all types of drivers that you may need and the moment you would use or connect a certain hardware, the corresponding relevant driver would be installed or put to action.

There are many common types of driver that a computer would have pertaining to BIOS, Motherboard, Hardware and Visual Devices among others.

  • The BIOS driver is for the basic input output system. BIOS is at the crux of your computer’s functioning. When you start the computer, it is the BIOS that boots the machine, loads up all initial features and ebbs the device to function. BIOS driver also starts the associated drivers which are responsible to turn on the basic hardware and systems on the device, ala the hard drives, the video display, mouse and keyboard.
  • Motherboard drivers are software that start and support the basic functions of the computer. These types of software are tasked with supporting general functions of the operating system such as recognizing the hardware and other software installed on the computer, supporting the functions of the keyboard, mouse, USB ports and all other ports that may be there in the system. It must be noted that BIOS driver is dependent on the operating system while the Motherboard driver, although dependent on the operating system, also depends on the make and specification of the motherboard.
  • Hardware drivers allow you to use all types of hardware, from discs to sound cards, memory cards to HDMI.