What Is An Unplugged Device?


While using a computer or laptop, you might come across an error of unplugged device quite often. The error and its exact text vary from one operating system to another. You may come across a message that is in line with ‘the device in unplugged’ or ‘device has not been installed correctly.

In its simplest definition, an unplugged device means that a device is not plugged in. It applies to all hardware components that you would use externally. For instance, you may insert a pen drive or USB device and the error may pop up displaying that the device is unplugged. The error also applies to HDMI ports, broadband, dongles and all other similar and dissimilar hardware that you would use. At times, an internal hardware component may also have a similar problem but in such a case the error would be different.

An unplugged device may be a problem due to many reasons. One can be the very literal implication of the error. That is, the device is not plugged in or has been pulled out. In such a scenario, you have to plug the device back in to use it. The other reason can be an incompatible device. Not all external hardware components or devices can be recognized in a particular system. If your operating system doesn’t recognize the hardware device or is unable to install the driver or software that can help in recognizing the device then you will come across this error of unplugged device. The message may read that your device is not recognized / detected or your device has not been installed correctly.

A computer or laptop may automatically detect a device and install the drivers necessary to have that device function or you may need additional software to install the drivers. You may have to look for solutions online if you don’t have the required drivers. These problems usually happen when you are using an older operating system and a latest hardware device.

An unplugged device can at times be an error caused by the device itself or due to a power problem at the port. When you connect a device through a port, there may be a short or the power supply may have been cut off due to an internal hardware or circuit problem. This would lead to an unplugged device. Also, if the device itself is faulty then such an error can pop up as well.