Where Can I Find my license key?
Can’t find your license key? The Driver Maintenance licensing system is a fully automated system. An email with your License ID and Password is IMMEDIATELY dispatched upon receipt of your order.The licensing information is dispatched within minutes to the email address you used when you acquired Driver Assist.If you have not received your License ID and Password, please do the following.
Please include license@driverassist.com and contact@driverassist.com on your Safe Senders list. You should also check your SPAM or Junk E-mail folder to ensure that our e-mail was not accidentally filtered there by your e-mail client.If it’s still not working please contact us at : contact@drivermaintenance.com
We will manually search for your license key into our system.

I purchased Driver Maintenance but I’am being returned to the website to purchase the product again.   
Resolution:  Please activate Driver Maintenance:

1. Open Driver Assist (if not already open).
2. Click Register.
3. Copy and paste your license key into the clipboard.
4. Click Activate Now.

License key does not work.

Resolution:  Make sure you are entering your correct license key.  Receipt numbers are sometimes mistaken for license keys.  Please re-check your order information email for your correct license key. Some helpful tips regarding your license key:

1. Copy (Ctrl + c) and paste (Ctrl + v) of your license key is recommended.

2. The correct license key format for Driver Maintenance  is:

3.The correct password key format for Driver Maintenance is:

How Long is My Driver Assist License Valid?
There are various licenses available for DriverMaintenance. You can opt for the 6 months, 1-year or 2-year license. To get your own license now, please click here to register.

Is Driver Maintenance compatible with Windows 10?
Yes, Driver Assist is compatible with Windows 10 from version 1.0.0 upwards.
The program will identify Windows 10 as the operating system and find the latest drivers for your computer that are compatible with Windows 10.

Where can I find my license key?
Launch Driver Assist from the Start menu or Desktop shortcut. Once the main application screen is open, click the License (1) tab from the top menu pane. You should be able to find your license key (2) information just below the User ID. Kindly save this information along with the registered Name and Email, found at the bottom of the page, as these are the pertinent details needed to pull up your account from our end.

How Can I Update And Install the Latest Drivers For My Computer?
Launch Driver Assist from the Start menu or Desktop shortcut. Once the main application screen is open, click on the blue Scan Now button from the top menu pane. If you wish to update all the drivers, as per recommendation by Driver Assist, just click on the Download All (1) button. You also have the option to review which ones you would like to update first, by clicking on the tick-boxes one by one. Just click on Download (2) to proceed. After downloading the latest drivers, you’ll be presented with 2 options: Install All (1) or Install Selected (2). Proceed with the update according to your preference. You will then be asked to create a restore point (1). It is always advisable to do a backup whenever you perform any changes on your computer. Just check the tick-box (2) if you want to keep this option every single time you do an update. It recommended to do a Restart after the update. You may also choose to click Cancel if you want to manually do the reboot.

What To Do If Driver Update Failed?
The best way to deal with this notice is to click on Contact Support and ask for more assistance. For us to look into this a bit further, we recommend that you instead describe your issues to give us a better idea on what really triggered the error.

How Much Are Your Software License Subscriptions?
Our Standard License is competitively priced at $29.95 USD (semi-annual) while the Extended License (1year) is at $9.99.

Can I Remove Unplugged Devices from My Computer?
The unplugged devices category in Driver Assist shows you the devices that were once connected to the computer, but are not connected at the time of running the scan. In most cases these are USB devices, but they can be any type of device.
If they are devices that are still in use, it is best to connect them and update the drivers when updated drivers are available. But if the devices are no longer used or the hardware is no longer present in the computer, the devices can be removed from the Windows configuration, so that they do not show up in driver scans anymore.

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