Proxy Settings


If your computer is experiencing communication errors or if your computer is part of a company network setting, this means you might need to use Proxy Settings in DriverMaintenance.


To Configure Proxy Settings:

  • On the Main Window, click Settings.
  • Under Proxy Settings, click Use Proxy Settings.
  • Fill out the necessary information for the Server, Port, Username and Password fields.

If you don’t know these information, please get in touch with your Network Administrator.

  • Click Save.


Why You May Be Experiencing Errors Requiring Proxy Settings:

Generally, communication errors are either caused by a bad internet connection or other firewall applications that are configured incorrectly in your system. If you continue to experience communication errors or if DriverMaintenance appears to ‘hang’ while you are performing a driver scan (when your computer is checked for old, corrupt or missing drivers; and driver update recommendations are made), double check your firewall software settings to make sure DriverMaintenance is granted access to communicate with the Internet over port 80.

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