Resolution 1

Go and select Control Panel by clicking on the Start Menu icon.

For Windows XP users, an icon named “Add/Remove Programs” is shown in the list and you must select it.

If you are in a classical view you must select settings from the start menu then control panel.

To find the view you are using for your version of Windows XP, right-click on start menu , the select properties. In the upper section of the window next to the task bar tab select start menu.

You will have the option to choose between a classic start menu or a standard start menu which is the first option.

Find Driver Maintenance in the list , then right click on the application to select uninstall.

Follow the prompt steps to fully uninstall the program.


For Windows 7 and Vista users.

Click on the start icon in the lower left corner of your desktop, then select Control Panel and then click on Programs (or just click on uninstall program for windows 7 users). Under an icon called “Programs and Features” there is the “Add/Remove Programs or Uninstall Program” tab.

Double-click on this entry. Then, a list of every application installed on your system will appear. Find the entry Driver Maintenance, and click on it once to select it. By right clicking on your selection an “Uninstall” button will appear. By pressing on the uninstall button,  Driver Maintenance will start to uninstall the program. Then follow the uninstall prompts.


Method 1 for Windows 8 users, click on the window start menu button , in the search area type in control panel to select it, then click on uninstall a program under Programs. Click on DriverMaintenance, then right click on  it to select uninstall or you can select uninstall in the upper section.

Method 2 for Windows 8 users: click on the windows start button , under the Apps find out DriverMaintenance, then right click on the application. At the bottom you will see an uninstall button, click on it. The program and feature window will appear. Find DriverMaintenance and click on it. After ,simply click on uninstall at the top of the window and follow the uninstall prompt steps.

General Uninstall tips for windows users:

Please close Driver Maintenance if the program is running.

Click on Start Menu, select program and find Driver Maintenance.

Once done, in that section simply select the uninstall button.

Click Yes to continue the Uninstall and “OK” when complete.


For Windows 10 users:

Resolution 1

Click on the windows menu icon in the lower right corner
Select “all apps”.
Find in the list “drivermaintenance” (they are classified by alphabetic order, drag to the letter d).
Right click on the arrow for the folder drivermaintenance
Right click on the app “drivermaintenance”.
Then click on uninstall.
From the control panel find drivermaintenance.
Right click drivermaintenance  and select uninstall.


Then execute the following prompt steps:

uninstall 1 windows 10

Click on “Next”.



Click yes , please remove driver backups and downloads if you wish so, or leave it uncheck

Click on “Uninstall”.



Click on the “Close” button.

Resolution 2

Click on the Window start menu icon in the lower left corner of your desktop.

win10 sh1

Click on all apps.

win10 sh2

Find Driver Maintenance (they are classified in alphabetic order).

Click on the folder Driver Maintenance.

win10 sh3

Right-click on the application DriverMaintenance  to select uninstall.

win10 sh4


Find the application Driver Maintenance in the control Panel.

Then right click on the application and select uninstall.



Follow the prompt screens mentioned above.


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